Proudly Prand

Prand is situated in Constantia. The buildings, the teachers and the school programme all work together to help to create the feeling of a home away from home. We occupy a quaint cottage  that is adapted to encourage a natural flow between a home and a school.

 The teachers are exceptionally caring and nurturing. The perceptual development based curriculum is presented in a way that provides a balance between free play, social interaction and active learning. This creates a non-threatening environment, where children can feel free and confident to learn and grow.  We strive to provide them with a positive happy first experience of school life. Children who feel loved, secure and happy will develop a good self-esteem and this is the most important foundation for any future development and learning.

Children enter Prand from the age of two; for many of them this is their first experience away from home. We see this as an enormous responsibility and privilege for us, as a child of this tender age is extremely vulnerable and impressionable. We run a three year programme, designed specifically for two to five year olds.